Logo8 newbie: analog value parameters & fixed values

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Logo8 newbie: analog value parameters & fixed values

Bericht door analoogje » 10-02-2020 12:38:14

I recently got myself a logo8, although I am a software developed PLC's are
relatively new to me.

I am trying to accomplish the following (using Softcomfort v8.2), maybe somebody can give me some dircettions.

I want to generate a PWM output, with 2 selectibla settings. Using the PWM block, which seems to translave an anlogue value
into a PWM output seems the way to go.

In that case I want to be able to select between 2 differnt anlog values as input for the PWM block. Those values (2 levels for a light dimmer) shall
be configurable parameters (via display and/or browser) and persistent, so saved during power failure.

I would expect that there woule be something like an 'analog constant' block, just like to have a 'digital 1' and 'digital 0' this seem not to exist,
Is there an alternative if you want to use a fixed analog value. (maybe using the math block and setting only the first value ?)

Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance foir any suggestions.

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